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ENGAGE & IMPACT – OMG Creative Solutions’ support for social responsibility has always been a critical part of our company’s culture. It provides a solid framework for contributing to the socio-economic development of the communities in which we operate.

With Muuvment, we can help with employee health and social impact challenges faced by an organization. We create value for companies by creating social impact videos that provide engaged viewers with unique interactive experiences to inform and inspire them to take action on causes that are important to them.

Muuvment People 

The People product helps automate and personalize the delivery of a company’s health and educational programs to increase usage and ensure that the right program gets to the right employee.

Employees can submit their requests and receive the support they need confidentially, so a company can be confident about the quality of the data received from employees.

The data-analytics tools and trend analysis help a company understand health and productivity barriers to support timely business planning.

Muuvment Purpose 

The Purpose product helps companies increase employee participation and track the impact of their corporate social responsibility programs.

We provide a company’s employees with unique interactive experiences to inform and inspire them to action on causes that are important to them.

The measurable social impact actions make it easy for your employees to take action on issues they care about. An organization and its employees can track their impact and work together to reach their campaign objectives.

A company can run turn-key campaigns on environmental and social issues, or we can digitize an existing campaign. We can even help a company create their own custom employee-led campaign.

CONTACT US to learn more about Muuvment People or Purpose products and to view a LIVE demo of the social impact platform.

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