City of Medellin

Project Details

  • Client: City of Medellin
  • Tasks: Multimedia Productions
  • YouTube Highlights: Video Segments
  • Digital Docuseries: Amazon Prime Video
  • Selected to produce, direct, and present travel videos about Medellin, Colombia.
  • Promoted the City of Medellin via our media partners and social media channels.
  • Presented a docuseries about Medellin to US national and international viewers. 

“A must watch if you are visiting Medellin. This is a very informative overview of the city of Medellin. The production quality is outstanding. I very much enjoyed watching the series.” -Glenn

“Excellent series. Gives a fantastic taste of the City of Medellin, loved the music as well. Does make one want to visit someday.” -Carlos D.

“Very helpful information. A great introduction to Medellin.” -MC

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