City of Medellin

Project Details

  • Client: City of Medellin
  • Tasks: Multimedia Productions
  • YouTube Highlights: Video Segments
  • Digital Docuseries: Amazon Prime Vídeo
  • Selected to produce, direct, and present travel videos about Medellin, Colombia.
  • Promoted the City of Medellin via our media partners and social media channels.
  • Presented a docuseries about Medellin to US national and international viewers. 

“A must watch if you are visiting Medellin. This is a very informative overview of the city of Medellin. The production quality is outstanding. I very much enjoyed watching the series.” -Glenn

“Excellent series. Gives a fantastic taste of the City of Medellin, loved the music as well. Does make one want to visit someday.” -Carlos D.

“Very helpful information. A great introduction to Medellin.” -MC

“Is Medillin now on my Bucket List? I think so. Before watching this series, I must admit, I’d never heard of Medellin. I’d only heard of Bogota and Cartagena as cities to visit in Columbia. This was a great introduction and created a greater interest in not only learning more about the city and its night life. Now the city is a destination on my Bucket List. Shout out to Ms. Salles, whose passion for the city is evident. Her affection for Medellin, made the series quite engaging as she shared facts and locations and events to attend. My only critique is its brevity! It provided a meager taste of what the city has to offer but hopefully, the second season will be longer, showcasing more of what’s possible in the city, such as more places to eat, hotels, etc.” -Brandon