Who We Are


Our mission is to provide creative solutions for local and foreign companies that want to expand in the United States for opportunities to create increased revenue.


To become recognized as a premier “go-to” digital media agency that provides creative solutions for essential businesses to expand in the US.

OMG Creative Solutions™, a socially responsible digital media agency with offices in New York City, Miami, and Panama City that specializes in Digital Marketing, Global Branding, Multimedia Productions, and Product Distribution for local and foreign companies that want to expand into targeted U.S. markets for opportunities to create increased revenue.

We are committed to offering quality and reasonably-priced digital media solutions in key markets to help essential businesses grow by maximizing the return on their marketing investment.

We create and develop multimedia productions that provide a platform for local and foreign businesses to expand in the US. We offer digital solutions to advertise your brand, product, or service via social media channels and multimedia platforms that can help attract potential customers.

OMG Creative Solutions™ uses its extensive experience and expertise in multimedia and international relations to advise our clients to reach their business goals. We work with our clients to bridge cultural gaps and language barriers by establishing strategic connections.

We place great value on business relationships, which is an integral part of our company’s success. We have established solid relationships in entertainment, media, finance, technology, trade, business, and tourism.

We’re OMG Creative Solutions™, we are a result-driven multimedia agency that strives for excellence and proven results.

OMG Creative Solutions’ social responsibility has always been a key part of our agency culture and it provides a strong framework for how we contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate.

We work with sustainable businesses to enhance social responsibility in the following areas:

  • Organizations that support good nutrition and healthcare for children.
  • Foundations that help fund athletic youth programs and fitness training.
  • Companies that support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.
  • Businesses that preserve the environment by following good eco-practices.

Building a solid foundation and supporting our clients and partners to be socially responsible is a step forward to our continued efforts to make a difference in the communities of our targeted markets.


Minerva Salles

President & Executive Director

Minerva is a dynamic and visionary multicultural leader with over ten years of multimedia and international relations experience. Her leadership skills had led to the successes of many projects that were under her management while working at her digital media agency. Before starting her agency, Minerva worked as an independent producer and on-air contributor for ABC’s digital cable channel, ABC News Now, and developed audiovisual news packages for notable ABC News programs.


Director of Photography

Santiago has been working in the audiovisual industry for over 10 years.

Within the film industry, he served as Director of Photography and Cameraman on three films: “Glasses”, which premiered at BAFICI in 2013, “La Nave”, a documentary filmed in a prison released in 2016, and he worked on another documentary that was released that same year.


Sound Engineer

Lucio is of Argentine descent and is 33 years old.

He was awarded a scholarship to study Sound Direction in E.N.E.R.C. in 2011.

Among his most outstanding works,  the film “Glasses” by Federico Tachella and Ignacio Bollini, which premiered at BAFICI and the film “Black Frost” by Maxi Schonfeld, which premiered at Berlinale in 2016.


Social Media Manager

Maria oversees our social media channels to enhance our online presence. She builds media campaigns, co-creates content, and responds to comments from our audience.

Maria has extensive experience in social media marketing and has worked on effective media campaigns. She also has experience in television and theater production, which she brings much creativity to our campaigns.


Marketing Associate

Kimberly is a native New Yorker who has been working in the marketing industry for over 7 years.

She has previously worked at Warner Music Group within the publicity department. Following this, she moved into the marketing industry in New York, where she traveled to countries such as Singapore, Brazil, and Austria to execute programs for over 200 attendees.